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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making my daughter eat her words OR Applesauce Chicken

In the car today hurrying home because we were all hungry, we got to talking about food - 'cuz that doesn't make you hungrier. Daisy started talking about one of her favorite meals that we can't eat anymore, beer can chicken (gluten in the beer ya know and all the gluten-free beer I have seen has been in bottles.)

We told her that you can make it with other things such as sprite, apple juice whatever. Then Hubby said that apple juice with a cinnamon stick would be good and a very loud EWWWWWW was heard from the back seat.

So tonight I proved her wrong. I didn't do it in the style of beer can chicken - mainly because we were going to church and I didn't feel it was wise to leave food on the grill like that. And we had no apple juice.

Here is what I did: I put 5 frozen chicken breasts into the crockpot and then dumped an entire jar of apple sauce on top and then filled the jar 3/4 with water and poured that on top. I thinly sliced a large onion on top, added some salt and some cinnamon and stirred as well as I could with the frozen breasts. I put it on high and we left for church. And I prayed it would be edible because I made it up.

Two hours later we got home and the chicken was not cooked through so I pulled it out and cubed it into bite size pieces. These went into a large pot and I cooked them through then added the rest of the applesauce/onion mixture and let it cook down. Meanwhile I put some rice on and we had to wait until it cooked so the applesauce was back to applesauce consistency.

I served the apple chicken on top of the rice and my family loved it. It was slightly sweet but not too bad since it was the no sugar added apple sauce. It is one that we will be adding to our recipe collection although we might play with it some more. We were thinking a handful of dried cranberries the last 10 minutes would add an additional pop of flavor. I found a recipe on A Year of SlowCooking where she adds apple cider vinegar and red pepper flakes and she actually measures the ingredients.

And we did point out to Daisy that she was eating her words since she was positive that apples and chicken would not go together. She was also appalled that people serve applesauce with pork chops but I can only cook one meal at a time.

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  1. What a cute & great story..!
    It's always nice to sometimes actually prove to our kids that we DO actually know something!