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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Score two for me!

As I have said, my kids are less than delighted with our new diet. In fact they have complained about it a fair bit but today I redeemed myself in their eyes.

I made pancakes and chocolate cookies.

I actually made 2 batches of pancakes, one a Bob's Red Mill and the other a variation on Alton Brown's Dutch Oven Hoecakes. I made the Bob's Red Mill according to the directions using vanilla soy milk but then needed to add a bit more milk because it was too thick. The hoecakes I added 1 tablespoon of sugar and didn't put in the corn (someone thinks he doesn't like corn.)

Daisy loved the hoecakes although she did say that if they were very big, they were too cornbready. I agree with her, the cornbread flavor is more noticeable on the larger one. It seems the good size is silver dollar pancake size.

She also liked the Bob's Red Mill pancakes, she said she would be happy with either one. Junior prefered the mix but his hoecake was pretty big so that may be the reason (he doesn't like cornbread).

So then tonight we had a cookies and caroling event at our church. We went to one of the local nuring homes and sang Christmas carols. After we did that, we went back to the church for hot apple cider or hot chocolate and cookies. We made Cocoa Melt Away Cookies that are gluten-free dairy-free and just wonderful. The outside is crisp and the inside is chewy and these could easily be habit forming. There is another family with a daughter Junior's age that is newly gluten-free and dairy-free and they brought gf/df cupcakes so the kids got to have both and so didn't feel very deprived.

It was a good food day for the kids and so it was a good day for me.


  1. I want to make those cookies! I think I'm going to try them with Carob since I'm all out of Cocoa.

  2. Hi Christi,
    I am so glad everyone liked the cookies. Wishing you a Joyous Christmas!