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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Salmon Croquettes – a quick little throw-together

Sometimes you start thinking about a food you enjoyed as a child and want to recreate that. Even a quick version of it, just something to give you a taste of the childhood comfort food.

The other day I was in Sams and saw a 4 pack of canned salmon which led me to thinking about the salmon croquettes we ate when I was a child. I loved them, it was one of my favorite meals – not that I was a picky eater, I liked most anything my mom cooked.

It wasn’t one of my dads favorites, I am not sure why. Maybe it wasn’t something he grew up eating. I am not sure why I have such a vivid memory of this,  it is strange the stuff you remember from childhood.

Anyway, most of the recipes I have seen call for crackers or bread crumbs crumbled up with the canned salmon and maybe some egg as a binder.

Crackers aren’t gluten free but corn chips are. Those little crumbs at the bottom of the bag (that are too small to dip in the guacamole) are perfect.

Because I didn’t know how it would turn out, I didn’t measure.

I know, shame on me.

Anyway, I am guessing about 1 cup of corn chip crumbs (although potato chip crumbs would probably work too). And then I put in 2 eggs and a can of salmon.

I then mushed it around in my hands until it was mixed and then made patties. These were then pan fried with a bit of olive oil until they were a beautiful golden brown.

Daisy was excited to try them because she loves tuna and other fish.

Junior was not. He was convinced that he would hate it because he hates tuna (among other things).

He was shocked – and so was I for that matter – he <i>loved</i> them. He ate two and then requested that “we have them every day for lunch” and then he told me that we needed “to have them for dinner so that Daddy can try them.”

Daisy did love them as well, although that didn’t surprise me because she is fairly open-minded about food.

So will be doing this again, I just need to eat some more chips so we can have the crumbs at the bottom.

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