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Friday, February 5, 2010

Pizza. Finally.

After all that whining about having to make pizza because I promised but didn't feel like it - I didn't make it that night. We had gotten some bad news about my Dad's health and I was crying to hard to focus on making pizza.

So tonight I made pizza.

Actually I made three.

I wanted to compare two Bette Hagman recipes to see which one we like better. And it seemed to be a better taste test to have them side by side.

Get it?

The third?

The third . . . well . . . its like this, cooking pizza on aluminum foil is just so much quicker cleanup-wise.

And for one of the pizzas it worked great. Absolutely perfectly.

The other pizza not so much. It might as well have been super-glued to the foil. I could not get them separated.

So I quickly threw together the third where I used a wheat flour recipe and just substituted sorghum flour (instead of the wheat) and added an egg to help bind it.

Honestly it was my favorite (although it does need a bit of tweaking - maybe some starch replacing some of the sorghum). It tasted to me like a whole wheat pizza - but I have always liked whole wheat better than white.

Hubby's favorite was the one glued to the aluminum foil, he laboriously peeled pieces of foil off so that he could eat it. I will admit, it was pretty good too, except for the metal.

Daisy liked the other pizza best (it tasted to corn-y for Hubby and I) because . . .

HELLO! It can't be simple! Can it?!

Junior was just thrilled to have pizza, I don't know if he cared for one over the other (he didn't try the foil one). Poor kid, he has just been wanting pizza for 2 months. As long as I didn't put any weird toppings on it, he didn't care.

Realistically, it was less work than making a wheat pizza, I didn't have to wait for the gluten to relax, or the yeast to do a lot of work. Just mix it up, dump it onto the pan and smoosh it into the right shape.

I wonder if gluten-free pie crust is as easy. I can't make a regular pie crust - never have been able to - but if it is like pizza crust, I might can do it.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you finally were able to make it.
    When I made our fist GF pizza crust I thought it was so weird not to have in a dough ball. But now I've gotten the hang of it and love it!