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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby its cold outside

It is so cold that I can't write a coherent post so you get bullet points.

  • First I need to let you know about a give-away I have going. Chantel Hobbs has written a fabulous weight-loss book called One-Day Way, while it is not gluten-free it could be by ignoring the meal plans. Click here to see more information about it.
  • Do I hafta go and get a new toaster?If no one is toasting wheat bread anymore then shouldn't it loose all the gluten before we get that sensitive?
  • I dreamed about bread again. That is just pitiful.
  • The other day I went to the health food store to pick up some nutritious yeast - which they didn't have. So I picked up the brewers yeast to ask the guy working there if they tasted similar. (I don't know why I bother because he never knows the answer to my questions.) So I was walking around looking because I wanted some other items and and older lady came up and asked what I was planning on doing with the brewers yeast. Well we got to talking, we found out that I know her daughter because she goes to church with me. Then she said she had a nearly full can of it at home and she hates it, she would he happy to give me half the can if I followed her home. She also lent me a Jewish cookbook which is such a blessing. I had been wanting to look through one but the chances of finding one here in my small East Texas town are pretty remote.

    I ended up finding the nutritious yeast at another store and it does seem to taste closer to cheese but I am going to play some more with the brewers yeast. I found this list of things to do with it but I haven't really tried any of them out.
  • The reason I wanted nutritious yeast is to make some gluten-free dairy-free macaroni and cheese. Junior has been patiently asking when we could have mac&cheese because I promised him that we would still be able to have it.

    I vaguely remembered seeing something about it - a recipe or mention of frozen dinner or something. If all else failed I could make up a gluten-free dairy-free bechamel and grate up some vegan cheese (although the price makes me wince).

    So then I found this recipe which for some reason just sounded good.

    It isn't the blue box but it is pretty good and really quick to go together. I used sunflower nut butter instead of almond but I am going to try it sometime with the almond nut butter.
  • I posted here on my other blog about how I had given up on my drug of choice - wheat/gluten. I am not craving wheat all the time now, barely give it a thought (except in my dreams apparently). But I still hadn't found a bread recipe I liked.

    So I made a loaf of bread yesterday and it was awful. I baked my first loaf of bread at 13 (Mom was out of town and Dad had no idea how involved it would be). So I have been baking bread for years. I have never baked a loaf that was so ugly and tasted so bad. I don't even think it could have been saved in a bread pudding. I threw it away. I have never thrown away a loaf of homemade bread because I can always figure out some way to use it.

    So I tried again today and I may have just found our basic recipe.[insert happy dance] It was actually good. The kids liked it and Hubby liked it. It is from Bette Hagman's book (I forget which one and am too lazy to go look right now).

    It earned me 2 high fives from Junior.
  • I am glad the bread turned out because the homemade pasta sure didn't. I have a pasta machine that I got 2 years ago so I could make pasta but never did so it is gluten-free.

    I tried Bette Hagman's bean pasta recipe but I must have done something wrong because it just didn't want to work right.

    So I let the kids play with it and the pasta machine.
  • Luckily the other part of dinner did turn out well. While watching Little House on the Prairie, we saw an episode where Almonzo says his favorite dish is cinnamon chicken. And we all looked at each other and said "huh? I have never heard of cinnamon chicken."

    A few weeks later I was reading some blogs and The Good Eatah said she saw a recipe that Cat Cora had put in a magazine for cinnamon chicken and tried it and loved it.

    So we tried it and loved it. The kids wanted seconds and thirds on the chicken. Hubby said he could make a meal out of the onion sauce and bread. Junior gave me another high five. Everyone said that we should make it again.

    Which totally made up for the pasta turned play-doh.

And that is the end.

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  1. I have a few bread, mac n' cheese, and bechamel sauce recipes on my blog that might work for you. (all GF and DF) I've never tried making GF pasta. It would be so fun to make GF Pumpkin Ravioli!
    I'm sorry about your kitchen trials. As long as you can laugh about them! It's all about keeping a sense of humor!