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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week 1 completely gluten-free dairy-free

First, I need to say, Monday doesn't count. Not at all. We were traveling and it is difficult to eat gluten-free dairy-free on the road.

So today it started for real.

I have to say, the hardest part is the mental part. You know the part of me that is screaming "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T EAT CAKE AND MAC&CHEESE AND PIZZA EVERY DAY?!?!?"

Not that I eat that way every day, but it is a different mindset. There are so many things that are naturally gluten-free & dairy-free but most of it isn't convenience foods. I could do mac&cheese but instead of 3 for $1 it will cost more like 3 or 4 dollars.

I have got to learn how to cook again while avoiding what I need to avoid. I know I have problems with gluten and I suspect my daughter does. My son has problems with milk (I may too but I don't really crave it so it isn't a big deal for me.)

So here is our meal plan for the week and if you notice, none of it is really weird. Recipes and results will follow.

Tuesday - Shepardless Pie
Wednesday - Chicken Cacciatore
Thursday - Layered Vegetarian Enchiladas
Friday - Sloppy Joe Potato Skillet
Saturday - Mexican Cornbread
Sunday - Beef Stroganoff

The gluten-free is a challenge, but I am finding the dairy thing to be almost more of a problem. I can work around the wheat thing - I think - but some things just seem to scream "I NEED CHEESE!" like pizza and really I like having it in Mexican Cornbread.

I also would like to have yogurt, without paying an arm and a leg (and I do fee ok with making it at home if I can just find a starter.)

Anyway, that's the plan. Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated.

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