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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A confession

When I did the gluten-free thing before, it was just me and I mostly just reduced the gluten. I tried not to blow it very often, or at least not very big. So if we went out for pasta, I didn't eat the rolls.

Surprisingly, I did reduce the gluten enough to feel better but when I began to sense that maybe I needed to reduce it more, like completely, that is when I quit. It was too much. Because I hadn't gone completely gluten-free, it wasn't a major sudden change in how I felt when I gave it up.

So yesterday, we had a late breakfast and then I cleaned out the freezer (got rid of the gluten and cheese in there).

Then we had to head over to a 4-H event where we were selling trees, then tae kwon do, then back over to the tree sale. Then at 6:30 I realized we had skipped lunch and I was beyond rational thought.

I suggested we blow our diet. and we did. in a big way.

We went to Pizza Hut, I had a deep dish pizza because I have never liked pizza on crackers (thin crust). I had cinnamon sticks. I lamented that it tasted so good. And I enjoyed it.

Two hours later, both kids needed Pepto-Bismol and I had a stomach ache. I also had a stomach ache this morning and felt tired all day.

I think I can say that I learned my lesson. I need to be sure that I eat before we go somewhere and I do something stupid like this again.

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