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Friday, January 2, 2009

My Christmas menu

I was going to do this post before Christmas . . . but it didn't get done. Since it was full of goodness, I finished it and am going to run it now. I know, its after Christmas but really except for the turkey these would be good any night.

Just not all at once.

So here it is - - - My Christmas challange Menu

Every time I have a holiday dinner at my house I tend to go a little nuts. See the thing is, while I hate to cook dinner every night, I love to do something like Thankgiving or Christmas. I just don't know when to stop.

For example, one year we had mashed sweet pototoes, candied yams, mashed potatoes (regular baking), a sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie (yes I know pumpkin isn't a potato but sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie are so much alike I am including it anyway.) That was in addition to all the other food.

If I was cooking for alot of people it wouldn't be as big of a deal but I have never served more than 8.

So my Christmas Challange is to not enlarge this menu.

I mean it.

This is all that will be served. If I serve any more things than this, I will fail in my challenge.

If I have a recipe I am going to link to it.

For an appetizer, I will serve maybe some store bought hummus with vegetables and/or crackers. . . But that is it!

Then for dessert
  • peanut butter pie
  • buttermilk pie
  • sawdust pie I decided to drop this one as we had enough desserts
  • And Daisy is making a flourless cakefrom here.

Now the update: Hubby made the sweet potatoes and in our trial it didn't seem to make very much . . . so we tripled it. WAYYYYY too much. Plus he peeled and boiled too many potatoes so there was a large bowl of plain mashed sweet potatoes. Good thing we like sweet potatoes.

My wonderful in-laws also brought over mashed potatoes, in addition to the rolls and the dressing.

So we had way too much food, but it was all really good. And this year I didn't keep adding things to the menu, even dropped two.

Yes, one was an accident but doesn't it still count!?!

While stores still have fresh cranberries, you ought to go over to Amie's Blog - Life with the Boys and look at her Cranberry Salsa recipe.




This stuff is incredible!!!!

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