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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's not December yet!

Last week was Thanksgiving and to be honest, I was dreading it a bit. I can somewhat control what goes on in my kitchen and I can limit my outside exposures.

But for Thanksgiving we were going to stay with family for a week. A week where I had very little control.

It went well, I did end up with some cross contamination but nothing very severe. I read that it isn't uncommon for the body to react strongly to a tiny bit of gluten to remove the gluten but for the body to sort-of shutdown in response to larger doses.

I don't know. I just know I reacted strongly to a Sonic Blast that I suspect either had some pie crust or sugar cookie pieces but there was a ton of cross contamination at Thanksgiving. It is things I didn't want to mention because I hated to make things more difficult than they were already; things like the cast iron shouldn't be used, foil that covered the gluten-rolls shouldn't be used to cover the gluten free cheese bread, and I didn't bring a supply of wooden spoons and spatulas.

My sister made Daisy a pumpkin pie because I mentioned that she had really been wanting one but I hadn't gotten around to making it. She also made Junior a pecan pie when she found out that it is his favorite. Her son is also gluten-free but he is still young enough that he only likes a small handful of foods and doesn't want anything else. My grandmother got into an argument with me about the pecan pie, insisting it was the gluten one because the crust was so good. Hehehe.

I made a Clark Kent fudge pie this is wonderful and is the pie that the kids loved (although when the pecan and pumpkin pie came they went for those. My grandmother wanted the recipe. I also made a Almond Joy Impossible Pie and I have to be honest, my kids didn't like it as much because they think they don't like coconut. However that just means there is more for me. Mwahahaha. If you like Almond Joy candy, you will lurve this pie. I used coconut flour as my "flour of choice" to increase the coconut-ie-ness.

The big debate in our family is not the "Stuffing vs Dressing" debate I hear so much about. It is "marshmallow vs no-marshmallow". Some delusional people insist that sweet potatoes taste better with marshmallows. Gag. I didn't know that sweet potatoes could taste good until I tried them as an adult without marshmallows. I love sweet potatoes. Fortunately there were both kinds so people could choose.

And now I need to get geared up to do Christmas baking. We are going to be doing gingerbread house decorating with our homeschool co-op and I need to make the gingerbread for my kids. The other kids are doing graham crackers and some will possibly eat theirs that night and I could tell the kids they can make one and not eat it but that just isn't as much fun.

I also am going to start tying to convert some recipes. It should be interesting.

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