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Friday, November 5, 2010

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef

A bit of background:
Two years ago my sister mentioned that she was cutting the gluten out of her diet and had noticed that her headaches went away. I had looked years earlier at possibly removing wheat from my diet and there was almost nothing available (I also didn't know what I was doing and didn't really know how to cook).

I thought my sister was crazy.

But I had chronic headaches too. So I googled gluten-free to see what would come up and the first thing was Gluten-Free Girl's blog and after reading it a bit, I decided that maybe it wouldn't be that bad. After all, there were better options and if it would get rid of my headaches . . . .

That time I wasn't able to stay gluten-free. This time I will and again Shauna James Ahern has a new cookbook out (my previous gluten-free episode was about the time her first book came out).

Mikki over at Not the Perfect Housewife was having a giveaway of Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef and I won. Wow. I won.

So I looked forward to it's arrival and immediately started reading it. I love cookbooks. They always offer the hope that I will actually cook.

Like with all cookbooks, there are some recipes that make me want to start cooking and some that make me lose my appetite (bacon wrapped pork belly. The thought of pork belly makes me feel ill but then adding more fat in the form of bacon. . . . Gag.)

I didn't want to say what I thought of the cookbook until I had tried at least one of the recipes. (If it didn't turn out, I would have tried another).

We needed some sandwich bread so I made "Crusty Bread that Even Those Who Eat Gluten Might Like."

I have one word to say : YUM!

Look at this:

Clearly I need to get a cutting board for bread as I am currently using a plate to slice the bread and that is why there are so many crumbs. But seriously, that looks like real bread, doesn't it. It tasted like real bread.

It smelled like real bread.

If for no other reason, this book is worth it for the bread.

The other thing that was interesting is that the other gluten-free cookbooks give some variation of "you must do the baked recipes exactly as written or the bread won't turn out, your children will hate you and the world will end." This one requested that you make the recipe as written the first time, after that feel free to try other flours by weight not volume.

And it gives the measurements by weight as well as by volume so that the measuring goes faster. I prefer to measure by weight only none of my other cookbooks do so.

In warning, the F word is used 5 or 6 times and a few other swear words. Some may find that offensive, I prefer my daughter not see those words. I just marked it out with a pen because my 11 year old may decide to read through it (she likes to read cookbooks).

Other than that and the bacon wrapped pork belly, I do recommend this book.

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  1. YEA!! So glad you are enjoying the book!!!
    Thanks for the linky love!