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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Food and Nutrition 4-H style

We just participated in our county's 4-H Food and Nutrition contest. Again. This was Daisy's 4th year and Juniors 3rd and I honestly just wasn't into it this year.

It just felt rushed and we weren't able to participate as well as we would have liked. Plus some things I just didn't feel like messing with or forgot to put down. Anyway, although Daisy did well (from comments made by the judges and overheard by a friend) she didn't do well enough to win. I didn't really think she would when I saw who she was competing against.

Junior on the other hand TOTALLY would have won if his age group got any sort of prize that was based on performance. Seriously, at that age a kid could say "I don't know anything about it, my mother made it, I don't even like to eat it" and still win a ribbon.

Junior LOVED his dish though - since it was hummus I think a lot of the people were leery of it - this is East Texas. But Junior loves it. When he was asked what his favorite part of making it was his response was an enthusiastic "Eating it!"

One thing that struck us funny though, we get the judges score cards (with the actual numbers cut off) and one of the comments on Daisy's was "Good Job on reducing your sugar intake." It took me awhile but I finally figured out that they thought we are reducing glucose and not gluten.

She is already planning on doing some kind of bread next year and educating the judges.

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