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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Did you guess?

So did you guess what this is?

Well here is another hint:

Did you figure it out?

How about this:

It is a recipe box that I worked up from a basic wooden box that I picked up at Hobby Lobby (here is a set of 3 and the one I used is the middle one).

I found a piece of wood to go in the middle and with some glue and craft sticks I fixed a divider. Sorry, no pictures of the process because I am a bad blogger.

I then painted it black, but not just any black. No, I used chalk board paint (which was the most expensive part of the project). Since I used chalk board paint, I can let the kids decorate my box and then it can be wiped off later.

I can also write on the inside, maybe a recipe I want to look for or try. Or something to add to the shopping list. Or the plan for a big dinner, like Thanksgiving dinner.

With the extra room, I can keep the family recipes that we can't eat but have been written by family members.

I have room to add other things, like a list of foods through the year that we think of to use in food competition.

I didn't mean for it to be quite that big but I think I will like it better with the extra size. I have already got it close to half-full.

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