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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Those pills are not quite the miracle we hoped for

I was recommended these pills that give your stomach the enzymes to process the gluten so we could cheat occasionally on the gluten-free diet. They seemed miraculous, wonderful.

But it is a slippery slope from occasional cheating.

I noticed that if I ate gluten too often, even with the pills, I would start getting uncomfortable. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I noticed these effects again so I completely cut out eating gluten, even with the pills.

Monday before last, I started walking and other than a few blisters and a bit of soreness I felt fine. Tuesday I walked a bit farther and felt good. Wednesday I took off because I thought maybe I ought to have a rest day. Thursday I doubled how far I walked on Monday and felt great. Friday I overslept and it is just too hot here to walk later in the day.

Saturday my son had a Tae Kwon Do tournament and I didn't think to pack a meal so I had a hamburger and on enzyme pill.

Sunday we went out to eat with my father-in-law and I had spinach enchiladas and a pill.

Monday I went walking and I liked to have died. My ankles hurt, my shins hurt, my knees hurt, my hips hurt. I was praying to get through it. The only things that got me through the walk was prayer and knowing that if I went home, I would just sit there and get fatter.

Tuesday I was mostly better.

Wednesday I added more distance to my walk.

So what happened that bad Monday? I really suspect it is the gluten. Even through the pill keeps my from having a messed up stomach after eating gluten, it doesn't protect my body from inflammation. When I am sedentary, I don't really notice it but it is probably still there.

So what about these pills? I dunno. I am going to keep them around for emergencies (no chance of eating for a few hours and no gluten free items available.) I will also probably take them when there is a risk of cross-contamination.

They are not going to be an excuse anymore to eat what I want though.

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  1. My daughter is basically the only one in our family who we have found to be intolerant of gluten. She's 18 and has been doing REALLY well keeping herself away from gluten.
    As her mom I feel bad because at times I just want to say FORGET it and stop making bread and such.. It really limits her diet when she doesn't have a huge taste range for different foods.
    But she continues on.. she says she feels better staying off it - so I'll help as much as I can..
    It is frustrating though.. just watching Subway commercials makes her sigh.. LOL