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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

children can be so aggravating

I was going to do a post on homemade instant gluten-free oatmeal individual servings because they are really easy and my kids said they were wonderful. And perfect. And yummy.


Until today when they told me that it needs a little work. Apparently some of the oatmeal doesn’t get completely soft. And they want cinnamon in it. And can we dry some fruit to put in it.


So no oatmeal post yet.


Last night I made cabbage roll soup which nearly caused my children to run away from home. Could you leave out the cabbage? Uh, no.


I had planned on it being ready before Hubby had to leave for work, but it was done 5 minutes after he left. So I was the only one who was actually wanting to try it.


Daisy however was shocked that it wasn’t as horrible as she thought it would be. We decided the recipe needs more work (different spices) but it is a good base so when we get that the way we like it, I will post that.


The end.

1 comment:

  1. LOL!! Love this post!!! So honest!!!
    Just tell it like it is :-0