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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cabbage and Lentil Soup with curry powder

Yesterday was another day of dreaded errands and by the time I had finally gotten home, I had a headache. A doozy.

So I wanted to throw something together with minimal effort that would taste good. So I thought of lentil soup.

I love lentils, they are such a small bean that they don't need any soaking and cook in about 30 minutes. I also had a head of cabbage that needed to be used and cabbage does well in soup.

I first chopped up an onion and threw it in the old stockpot with 5 slices of turkey bacon, I then got involved in something else and let the onions get a bit burned too caramelized. But with my throbbing head, I just poured some red wine vinegar over it and then lots of water (at least 8 cups but I used the sprayer on my sink so this is a guess).

Then I added the lentils - about 1 cup or maybe 1/2 cups - but be careful to look them over and pick out any rocks (oops) and rinse them first (I did do that).

I then chopped up a cabbage and added that. I also added a spoonful of curry, I didn't want it to be hot but I wanted to taste (for the first time) the flavor of the curry. I then went and sat down to wait for my migraine medicine to kick in for the cabbage and lentils to cook.

After about 25 minutes, I went and tasted the broth and added salt. Tasted it again and added more salt. Tasted it again and added more salt. I prefer to do small additions frequently rather than run the risk of over salting. Since the broth was very thin, I put some cornstarch in a cup with cold water, stirred well and added it to the soup. I let that cook in a few more minutes and then served it up.

The curry flavor was there but it wasn't very strong - it wasn't spicy hot or anything like that, it seemed (to me) to have cinnamon notes. The kids loved it and Hubby even liked it (he has said that he doesn't like curry but I don't think he has had it very much).

I will definitely be doing this again, especially on cold nights because nothing is better than a soup on a cold night.

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